Miami's #1 Web Design Agency

Miami's Top Web Design Agency

Fusing Marketing is one of the premier web design companies in Miami. Offering professional grade quality websites at affordable prices. New to the Miami area we've already worked with many local business owners creating stunning websites for their brands. Our web design team are experts at creating websites for all purposes, and all of our designs are responsive so no matter what device your website it viewed on it will always look as awesome as you intended. In the past we've been recognized as one of the most innovative web design companies on the South East. Specializing in various areas of web development;

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Miami has a booming new entrepreneurial culture that is starting to bloom, new businesses are looking to thrive and old businesses want to stay relevant. We wanted to bring our services to Miami because we feel that this is one of the cities on the cusp of achieving great things on the technological front. Not to mention the beautiful beaches and sunny weather.

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We like to say we're far from your average digital marketing company, our approach to digital marketing and and designing websites focuses on creating an image for your brand. One that resonates with your clients, one that you can be proud to present. It all starts with a solid online presence, our web design team will ensure that your website represents your company and your brand perfectly. If you're looking for a team of web designers that know what their doing, who understand how to set you up for success then give us a call today!



Mobile Ready Responsive Web Design

With the rise of mobile devices, it's been difficult for some websites to keep up. More mobile device has given rise to a new website standard, the responsive web design era. Responsive web design, in order words websites that are mobile ready have taken over the web design industry and rightfully so. Statistics show most users access the internet via their phones, and if you're website isn't providing them with a seamless user friendly experience you can kiss those leads and conversions goodbye.

Our web development team understands that need to have a beautiful website across all platforms, thats why all the websites we design are responsive and look great on any device.

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Contact us today, to speak to someone from our web development team to get help on a new website design.

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

Having a brand new Custom website designed is the perfect solution for that business that wants to stand out amongst the crowd. We can help you do just that, our design team will craft a one of a kind website that will capture the essence of your business and brand. 

Affordable Web Design Company

Affordable Web Design

Life in Miami isn't the most affordable thing these days, and we understand that having a website designed is an expensive investment. That's why we offer affordable websites for the local business owner who wants to go digital. Our Payment plans make it easy to get your website paid for in a reasonable amount of time. 

Miami Ecommerce Website

E-commerce Web Design

As any business owner knows owning a store is expensive. There's rent, Utility bills, Employees, etc well having an Ecommerce site can actually save you money. It's your very own store that's open 24/7 with no employees to pay, not rent, or utility bills. Just one initial investment in the future of your online store. 

Offering Solutions Beyond Websites


Search Engine Optimization

We'll turn your award winning website into a lead generating machine. Our Effective SEO services will have you bringing in plenty of online traffic, and generating tons in monthly sales. if you currently have a website, and are not seeing results all you may need is SEO. 

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Social Media Marketing

If you're not currently using social media to connect with your clients and market your brand you could be leaving hundreds of leads on the table. Social Media could bring you tons of online leads, and it's a great branding opportunity for any business. Connect with people the people that keep you in business with social media marketing. 

Los Angeles Web Design

Graphic Design

A good logo should be the first step you take in starting a business, right up there with concept and service. Your logo is often the first impression people have of your company and it can either make or break the brand. Speak to our professional graphic design team and get a logo that does your business justice.