How to Properly Build Backlinks

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If you’re looking to put together a strong SEO campaign then it’s crucial for you to know how to properly build backlinks. But Before you start building links for your website? You have to know not all backlinks are created equal, literally. You might have read that backlinks are the best ways to increase website ranking on search engines.

Obviously, building backlinks play major roles in search engine optimization. However, not all backlinks are worth it. If you really want to know how increase your website ranking and build good online reputation for your business, you need to invest on earning quality backlinks.

So how do you go about it?

Earning quality backlinks require a bit of research and time. It is not the quantity that matters. The most important thing is the quality of links you earn.

Types of backlinks

First things first, at the core of the of this strategy lie to basic terms to distinguish backlinks, and they are;

  1. Do-follow backlink, and
  2. No-follow backlink

Without going into too much detail, Do-follow backlinks instruct Search engine spiders/crawlers to follow that link to your website. This type of link is the one that has the biggest impact on your SEO campaign, because your website is being crawled for a relevant topic. It also informs search engines crawlers that the reputation of the site can be passed to the link. For instance, if a link on my site is do-follow, it means that my site’s reputation can be passed to the link.

If my site is properly ranked on search engines, then the link will be indexed quickly and ranked. Simple, right? Make sure your links are getting indexed! that is a whole other article entirely but it’s definitely worth noting.

Now Let’s start building backlinks step by step. This is a manual process of building link, and it requires some browser extensions. I recommend using Google chrome to conduct the research.

Step 1

Go to “Google chrome store” and install SEOquake extension. This extension will help us analyze websites for page rank, domain authority, alexa rank, and so on.

Step 2

Write down the main keywords for the page you want to build backlinks for, and copy the URL. The keywords would be used to conduct research and find quality websites to build links.


Go to Google and enter the keywords in the search bar. Use the SEOquake extension to analyze the results and copy the URL of websites with good ranking.

Step 4

Once you have your target site there are a couple of ways you can start link building, some more effective than others… One way is by blog commenting, although Google came down hard on this a few updates ago there are still very ethical ways of doing this. Leave genuine comments that address the topic at hand, and don’t use anchor text. Most of the quality websites require comment approval before your comments can be visible. If they don’t require approval, those are usually lower in quality beware of this fact.


Another awesome way to build backlinks is to donate to charities! Help yourselves by helping others. by going into Google and looking for different contributors pages you’ll come across sites that offer backlinks for donations.

The Key…

Is to find sites that haven’t exhausted their outgoing links, meaning sites that are not overrun by links these tend to be less effective and pass on less authority. Also make sure the link you receive is a do-follow link.

Some Key things to remember about backlinking…

Do not spam websites, write interesting content that will make other sites want to link to your website.

Besides commenting and donating, you can offer to write for them and build links back to your site that way.

There are other methods to build backlinks, however the method described above will definitely put you on the right track.

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