How Facebook Paid Ads Can Help Your Business

by / Tuesday, 14 June 2016 / Published in Online Marketing Tips

As stated in one of my previous articles, you can’t underestimate the power of social media. If you have yet to start advertising your business on Facebook, this article will show you some of the great reasons why you need to start now.

Social media is quickly becoming one of the best place introduce your business to huge numbers of people on the internet. In the next few paragraphs you’ll see how Facebook; paid ads to be specific can help your business.

Facebook paid ads can increase your blog traffic

Everyone needs huge and persistent website traffic in order to make more money online, and to improve your overall SEO rankings.

Getting huge traffic from search engines is not easy unless your website ranks high. You can boost your website traffic using Facebook paid ads. They offer affordable advertising solutions that allow businesses and individuals to boost their web traffic in a natural way.

Unlike Google AdWords where $1 can result in just one website click, that same $1 on Facebook can help you reach 10 times the number of clicks.

Facebook paid ads can increase your engagement

Using Facebook ads to engage with your customers is one of the best ways to understand what they want. When you advertise on Facebook, people can post comments, like your ad, share it or even contact you for more information.

The Ability to interact with ads in many ways makes it extremely easy for you to understand your customers and engage with them. You cannot achieve this with other paid ad networks like Adwords. Facebook provides you with a unique insight and perspective on how people are interacting with your ad.

Facebook paid ads can increase your customers

The main reason for advertising businesses on Facebook is to create awareness and increase the amount of leads your business receives, let’s be honest that’s the reason you’re reading this article to begin with.

When you advertise your business on Facebook, you can target your ads to specific people based on interests, age or location. These options make it easy to reduce advertising cost and get more results out of your budget. It also serves as a great way to pre qualify your customers, before they even view your ad.

Retain customers

Facebook ads can help you retain future customers. When you advertise your business on Facebook, people who develop an interest in your ads can like your page or even save the post. This makes it easy for them to contact you through your page. Even if you stop running ads, those who liked your page will continue to see your offers.

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