The Best Apps For Business Owners.

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Now a days there is an app for almost everything you can think of, and we have fully embraced this as a technologically driven society. The fact that there are so many apps leaves downloading an excess amount that we may never use, so Instead of having loads of irrelevant apps on your device, why not install the best apps as chosen by today’s business owners and remove other useless apps that zap your battery and waste your time? Whether you need an app to help you with your stay on top of your email marketing, or you just need to pay off some bills these are the top apps being used by business owners.

As a business owner in todays society you have a lot on your plate, how to attract customers, how to keep in touch with employees, how to manage payroll, etc,  If you’re serious about your business, you can install some great apps that will help you with all of the above while reducing stress and increasing your overall productivity. We’ve found some of the greatest apps for business owners like you. Of course, these apps will help you manage your tasks and do more with little efforts.


While there are many companies out there who offer similar services as Skype; this popular communication app is still very useful for business owners who care about skypeglobal communications.

Having Skype on your device will help you communicate more effectively with employees and fellow colleagues around the world. Skype is super convenient for business owners.

It makes it possible for business owners to monitor the progress of their workers, host meetings, training sessions, screen sharing capabilities, and more. This is definitely a must have app if a lot of your employees are working remotely.


With the PayPal application on your device, payment for goods and services is at your fingertips. It is an extremely convenient and safe way to pay for any services. For a long time Paypal has been associated with the use of eBay, but it is starting to be more widely recognized by vendors all over the globe.


keeping and sharing files is easy with the Dropbox app. This is one of those apps that not many Best-App-For-Entrepreneursbusiness owners have become accustomed to using but it’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways to store files and documents on your mobile device.

Among the apps business owners’ need for their devices Dropbox should come standard.

You can connect a single Dropbox account with multiple devices and upload files anytime so your entire team can view them. Install Dropbox on your device and enjoy sharing files with ease.


This is the ultimate note-taking app for entrepreneurs on the go, a great way to clip small bits of
information and store them for later.

It’s really convenient to copy bits of information from the web and with Evernote you can find them anytime using the search feature in your phone. It also has some great features like compressing the information, editing, or embedding image to it.

The share capabilities on Evernote are awesome, you can share with coworkers, friends, or family and collaborate together in real time.


Whats app is another great communications app, with Whatsapp on your devices, communication Best-App-For-Business-Ownersissues are 99% solved. This great app is popular across the world and has more than 1 billion active users.

One of the great things about Whatsapp is that it works pretty well in poor network regions. So you don’t have to worry about not being able to reach your employees or colleagues because you’re out of the country.

Just set up a ‘Whatsapp’ group and you’re good to go, now you can keep up with your team in real time.


As any business owner or entrepreneur knows emails can get overwhelming from time to time. You definitely need an app to keep your email organized and easy to access. With Mailbox, you can do just that. The Mailbox app makes it super easy for you to arrange mails in a comprehensive and easy to read lists. Amazingly, it supports Gmail, Yahoo! And other popular email services. Install Mailbox and get quick access to all your mails in one place.

Here are some Other great apps that just missed the cut, but business owners still love them Fuze, Rescuetime, Polaris Office, and many more.

The most important thing about apps is to be sure to find apps that will help you achieve your specific business needs.

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