What’s The Best Way To Attract Customers To Your Website?

by / Friday, 15 April 2016 / Published in Online Marketing Tips

What’s The Best Way To Attract Customers To Your Website?

If you can spare a few minutes to read this article till the very end, you’ll learn nothing but the best methods to attract customers to your website. We are sharing years of online marketing experience with you for free.

As digital marketers, one of the questions people ask all the time is how to drive targeted traffic to their websites. It is very important to drive visitors to a website, because without visitors, there would be no conversions.

Everyone wants to attract customers to their website, however, not everyone understands the secrets behind the process of driving visitors to a website. I prefer to use the word “visitors” because they are the ones who will eventually become your customers.

There are many tutorials that encourage website owners to purchase solo ads, traffic, or email list to promote their website. However, more than 90% of people offering these services are not honest. I am not saying that these methods are not good; however, there are many secrets behind them.

In the next couple of paragraphs, I will talk about the four killer methods I personally use to attract customers to my website.

Organic traffic: In one of our previous articles we talked about the benefits of SEO for small local business owners. Obviously, organic traffic is the best way to attract customers SEO PLus_burnedto your website.

It has been the number one method for years, and will continue to be the best. If your website’s SEO is good, customers will continue to visit your website without you promoting it.

In fact, people who discover your website through organic search may become returning customers.

Email list building: The second method is by building an email list. This technique is costly, but it works pretty well if done the right way. You’ve got to be honest when referring people to sign up for your email list.

Paid traffic: paid advertising also helps in driving customers to a website. It is one of the most complex methods to drive customers to a website. The reason why it is complex is because you have to do your homework properly and know what the people are looking to get.

Again, you might need to familiarize yourself with different tools and analyze some complex data before you can understand what people are looking to get.

Social media: The last method on the list is social media. You can attract customers to your website through social media. However, you need to build a strong social media presence for your business.

These are the best methods we have been using to attract customers to our websites for the past 5 years. Other methods are affiliate marketing, solo ads, and so on.


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