SEO Services: Expectations Vs. Reality

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What to Expect vs. What You Get From SEO Services 

Most SEO professionals have seen a client get more and more frustrated that their website is not magically at the top of Google’s search results after two weeks of search engine optimization. It’s easy to have unrealistic expectations about SEO services.

There are people out there promising unrealistic results, with unethical practices, that many people see and then think that they are entitled to those kinds of rankings. When it comes to getting found online, here are some of the most common expectations and their corresponding realities:


SEO will get me on the first page of Google quickly.

In reality, SEO requires a degree of patience. There are tactics that can get you to the top of relevant search results in a short amount of time, especially when you are working with a qualified SEO company, but the truth is that you are not suddenly going to be on the first page of Google, no matter how good your SEO company is. It takes time to rise through the ranks, but that is for your benefit. It means that once you have achieve a standing you like, you are more likely to stay there.

Any company that promises you overnight rankings is most like involved in 'blackhat SEO' and any rankings achieved through this method are short-lived as Google eventually penalizes websites who take part in black hat SEO 


All I need is on-page optimization

In this instance, the opposite is actually true. Google cares about inbound links more than just about any other aspect of search engine optimization. This means that off-site optimization is going to be just as important to getting ranked as on-site optimization is.

Instead of just focusing on your website itself, you also need to be concerned with getting people to link back to that website. While keyword-rich content is still vitally important to SEO, backlinks prove your value and authority to search engines.


Any Content Will Work For SEO 

One of the most common misconceptions we encounter about SEO services is that any content, as long as it contains the right keywords, will do just find. The opposite is actually true. Search engines like Google are programming their algorithms to care more and more about the quality of the content itself, in addition to how it uses keywords and what those keywords are. Poorly written or even stolen content no longer works if you want to actually be found online.

As mentioned in our previous post (Bulletproofing your SEO) One of the key mistake many SEOs make is creating content for Google spiders, instead of creating rich content for readers. Overstuffing your content with keywords, will not get you ranked any quicker. Focus on creating content that your visitors will find useful and Googles algorithm will be able to pick this up. 

When hiring an SEO company or performing your own SEO services be sure to maintain real expectations throughout, the more difficult and competitive your industry the more time it will take you to rank. 

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