Bulletproof SEO; 5 ways to build a Solid SEO campaign

by / Tuesday, 09 February 2016 / Published in Online Marketing Tips

What is Bulletproof SEO ?

There is a big difference between your standard search engine optimization strategy and bulletproof SEO. Bulletproof SEO is SEO that cannot, will not be shaken, no matter what changes are made to the algorithm. It gets you closer to that top slot in the search results and while others are scrambling after each update, trying to make sure their campaign does not conflict with the newest rules, those with bulletproof SEO are sitting back and enjoying their high rankings. So, how do you make your SEO this strong? Here are five steps you should take:


“Bulletproof SEO is SEO that cannot, will not be shaken, no matter what changes are made to the algorithm.”


  1. Get to know your customer. Too many optimizers spend too much time trying to game the algorithm, forgetting entirely that the algorithm is designed to serve the searcher and frequently change. That means that, ultimately, all optimization should be done with the customer and what their wants and desires, in mind. With Google’s personalized search algorithm constantly being updated trying to rank for ‘keywords’ without considering your audience is a tactic guaranteed to fail. Factors such as location, personal history, social connections, all play a part. Not all users are created equal and Google has made this clear with their personalized algorithm. Your campaign can be as theoretically solid as you like—if it is not helpful, relevant, or useful to your customer, it will fail. On the other hand, if your campaign is designed with the customer in mind, first and foremost, it will automatically be stronger and more resistant to changes in the algorithm.


  1. Make sure your URL reflects the purpose of that page. This means that you will need a separate page for each specific purpose your website serves, but that can be a good thing. Your URL should be the first signal to search engines of that webpage’s purpose. If the two things do not match, your campaign will not be as strong. If the two things match exactly, you’ll have a much, much stronger campaign.
BulletProof SEO

Example of Keyword Stuffing


  1. Banish keyword stuffing. At almost every update, search engines are finding ways to lessen
    the importance of keywords. That does not mean that keywords are not important, it simply means that if you overstuff your webpages with keywords, you are going to be penalized. On our homepage our main keyword is New York Digital Marketing company, but You do not just need the right keywords, you need to use them properly (read: naturally) in your content. Remember, the content should serve a human reader first, not the robot that compiles the search results. If it does the first, it will automatically do the latter.


  1. Make sure you are optimizing for local. Trying to target local areas is much, much easier than trying to target the nation as a whole. Even if you are a national company, targeting the local areas where you operate will help you climb the search results across the board. There is much less competition and search engines are more focused now than ever before on providing locally relevant search results ahead of all other results.


  1. Link internally. Yes, you want to link from your blog to your website and from your social media pages to your website. But you also want to link from one page of your site to another page in your site. Why? Because this makes your website easier to navigate; Moz has a great article on internal linking that describes the process more in depth. A website that is easier to navigate is better for the user, which means that Google will favor it. It also helps to enhance value, by directing readers from one piece of content they like and find useful to another. 


Following these five steps will ensure that your SEO campaign is as bulletproof as it possible can be!

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