Social Media Marketing for Doctors

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Why is Social Media Marketing for Doctors important?

As a Digital Marketing company we see plenty of doctors who come to us, not knowing the value of social media. The fact of the matter is by implementing the right strategies, doctors have a lot to gain by making use of social media to advertise their services. Social media marketing for doctors also makes it possible to share their wealth of experience, and engage their colleagues in meaningful discussions.

However, not many doctors have taken to the use of social media marketing. Many of them are afraid of the unknown and thus, choose to keep silent on social networks due to privacy and liability related concerns. It is, however, possible to create a balance between transparent communication, and conformance to industry limitations.

If you are a doctor, the following tips will help you stand out on social media and enable you to reach many people in your network.


“Social media marketing for doctors also makes it possible to share their wealth of experience”


Setup a Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn account

Even though it seems like a no-brainer, it is the first step towards building an online presence. Ensure you fill out each section in the profile for better optimization.

Start with only these three, and then expand to the rest as you become accustomed to the way they are used. Focusing your efforts will enable you to gain momentum from the time you spend online. It’s never a good idea to spread yourself too think on these social networks, as you may not need to be active in all of them. 

Use Social Media With Purpose

Social media is an excellent marketing tool to help promote a business to help get a message to Social Media Marketing For Doctorsthe public. If you do not have an objective for having that social media account, then your message will fall on deaf ears.

When setting up the accounts, consider your end goals. This will include the kind of patients that you want to attract, or whether your primary aim is to spread information about your practice. The Infographic to the right, shows some of the benefits doctors can receive by properly using social media with a purpose. Click Here to view full image. 

When you set your goals, it becomes easier to communicate with existing patients and even reach out to new ones. Ensure that your business page is different from your personal page or account.

Post Relevant and Timely Content

If you want existing and potential clients to take you in a serious on social media, be careful what you post on the page. Cat videos are cute, but it is not what a potential client who is looking for a doctor wants to see.

Use your social media outlets to educate people on current topics and trends. For each item posted, you can provide a bit of information on how it affects families, teens and kids. If possible, try and post something new each day. It will keep the patients coming back for more information, and at the same time providing you with loyal followers who will recommend the page to their friends and colleagues. 

Final Words

We know that as a medical professional Social Media Marketing isn’t a top priority when it comes to all that comes with running a successful practice. The fact is most of your patients are active social media user, and this is a great way to make genuine connections with these patients that will last far past a routine visit. So whether you do it yourself, or you hire an agency like ours to provide those social media marketing services… It is definitely a necessary form of marketing to grow your medical practice in 2016. 

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