How To Make Your Own Business Logo

by / Wednesday, 20 January 2016 / Published in Online Marketing Tips

How to Use Online Tools to Make Your Own Business Logo

Graphic design is one of the most expensive parts of starting up your own business. Paying someone else to design your logo could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, depending on who you hire, how complicated the design is, and how many iterations it has to go through. If you do not have the resources to pay someone else to design your logo, there are online tools that you can use to make your own design, even if you have no substantive design experience. Here’s how:

Choose a tool

There are a staggering array of tools to choose from, from the very simple, to the very Graphic Designcomplex. Some are free, some require a fee before you can use their tool, but all will be less expensive that farming the task out to someone else. Look for a tool
that offers you a variety of options and a high level of customization.

You do not want to be stuck with a template that looks just like every other small business’s logo.

If you have some graphic design experience you can use Pixlr to design some really sophisticated logos, we use it as one of our go to graphic design tools, and it’s totally free! For those of you with a little less experience Graphic Spring offers low cost logo designs that you can make yourself. 


Look for inspiration

You might already have a good idea of what you want your logo to look like. If you do not, start looking through picture banks of interesting logos. This is a great way to find inspiration, whether you want something modern and sleek or something classic. While looking for inspiration, remember to keep your brand’s personality in mind.

If you are a law office, for example, you probably do not want something too rustic or too futuristic. If you are a craft store, on the other hand, something shiny, with sans serif font might be too modern and clash with your business’s aesthetic.


Make a rough sketch

Remember, this does not have to be perfect. It does not even have to be good. What it should be, however, is a rough collection of your idea for your logo. This is the best way to keep your ideas organized so that you do not go into the design process completely blind. This will help keep you on track.


Aim for originality

Some businesses make the mistake of creating a logo that is nearly identical to another business. web-graphic-designEven if that business is in a totally different industry, in a completely different state, do not copy.

It is easier now than ever before to do a reverse image search and find people using your designs or images for themselves.

Plus, the more original your logo is, the better it will be for building your brand persona and inspiring brand recognition.


Start working and be patient 

Your logo is probably going to take longer than fifteen minutes to design. If you are only looking to spend fifteen minutes on your logo, you probably do not understand the importance of this piece of design to your business and to your branding. Making your own business logo takes time—give it the time that it deserves and that it requires to produce something great.


It is possible to use an online tool to make your own business logo, if you are willing to put in the time and work that it takes to really create something completely customized. If not, it might be better to enlist a graphic designer for this task.

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