Best Way to Get New Clients after the New Year

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The New Year is the perfect time to rededicate yourself to expanding your business. Finding new clients might seem like a challenging task, but in the world of services, finding new clients is just as important as holding on to your past clients. 

For some businesses, it may even be more important, as you may expect your clients to eventually finish with and move on from your services. But how do you get new clients? Here are some tips for generating more clients in the New Year:


Understand Your Target Audience.

If you think your target audience is “all people,” you’re just plain wrong. Everyone is not going to be interested in what you have to offer, and trying to market to everyone means casting too wide of a net. 

It’s expensive, and your message will be so general that the people who would actually be interested in you are not engaged by your marketing efforts. Start by making a very detailed profile of exactly who your product or service is for.


Know Who Your Competitors are.

We’ve all heard entrepreneurs say that they have an idea unlike any other—that their business has no rivals because their idea is completely unique. This is something else that just isn’t true. No idea is truly original. There is at least one other business out there that is offering something similar to what you are offering. Knowing who your competition is allows you to offer something different, something bigger, or something better, to attract people away from that business and towards yours.


Make your value clear.

Talking about features is great—everyone wants to know what they are going to get if they give youValue
their money. That said, you should also be talking very clearly about the value that you provide.


While this doesn’t necessarily have to be value in comparison to your competition, making it clear how your product or service will help the person who is purchasing it can make you much more attractive that a business that only talks about features.


Give something away for free.

A trick that many businesses use is called a “lead magnet.” These lead magnets are something free, but still extremely valuable, that the business gives away in exchange for information (phone number, name, email address) about the receiver. This is a great way to prove your value before a client spends a single dollar on you, and gives you a foot in the door with someone who otherwise would be out of your reach. Have a plan in place for contacting, following up with, and converting those who receive your lead magnet.


Do something memorable.

When ordering at a local restaurant, I forgot to order a fountain drink to go along with my meal. I went back up to the counter to pay for one, and the cashier gave me a drink for free. This establishment had already earned my business by offering great food—they ensured I would tell all of my friends about them by performing that one simple act of kindness. Doing something small, kind, and memorable is a great way to endear clients to your business.


Using a combination of these techniques will help you not only attract more people to your business, but turn more of those prospects into clients.

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