What Playboy’s Latest move Shows us about Digital Marketing

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For over 60 years Playboy magazine has been the so called ‘original’ men’s magazine. In a lot of ways, that’s true,

but this week the 60 year old magazine made a huge business decision that can very well be the beginning of the end for the magazine. In a surprising decision this week, the magazine decided to stop publicating nude photographs of women and is opting to make the magazine more article driven.

The decision was made based on the decline of magazine subscribers over recent years,

This drop is likely due to the fact that the online world offers free access to the same nude photographs you could find in between the pages of the provocative magazine. 

What does this mean for Digital Marketing?

Ultimately, business owners can learn a lot from Playboy’s major move. Playboy recognized that, albeit a little too late… That consumers were opting for more digital forms of media, the same content that they could consume in the pages of the magazine was now readily available for free on the internet.

As a business trying to succeed in the digital marketing era, you have to be aware of trends… Something that Playboy seemed to realize a little too late. Over the past few years Playboy’s annual subscribers fell from over 5 million to just under 900,000 this year, and this was prior to the decision to stop publicating nude photographs.

In an attempt to rebrand themselves, Playboy became like every other ‘Mens magazine’.

Be Proactive  

Being proactive as a business owner will always keep you ahead of the trends, this is crucial if you want to retain your clients.

Digital inbound Marketing is ever changing, and if you are a small business owner who has yet to see the value in digital marketing use Playboy as an example of what happens when you fail to adapt. 

Strategies To Keep You Relevant

  • Social Media– Take advantage of all the social media platforms that makes sense for your industry. Social Media marketing is a cost effective way to get a sense of the latest trends, this will help you understand and communicate with your core audience. Stay active on sites like Facebook and Twitter to develop strategies that will encourage people to interact with your business. 


  • Email Marketing- Stay in contact with previous clients as well as prospective clients using email marketing. This is a great way to retain existing clients, learn from what Playboy did wrong and always make sure you are keeping your clients satisfied.

This is a great platform to send out surveys, coupons, deals, and any valuable tips or relevant information you that you can offer.


  • Blogging– Statistics show that businesses that blog do extremely well relative to those that bloggingdon’t, so hop on the blog train.

Blogging is a great way of offering value in the form of information to your audience, chances are any person that becomes a customer of yours has interacted with your blog in the past.

Use this platform to educate your consumer, on whatever your business focuses on.

A Home remodeling company can blog about all sorts of quick tips and tricks for DIY home remodeling, this is a way to stay connected to that digital market and retain any existing clients you currently have. 



If it hasn’t become clear yet, digital marketing is the best way to keep your business relevant during the fast paced times.

If most people spend the majority of their day browsing the internet, then it only makes sense that your business spends the majority of its marketing efforts online as well. 

In the end pay close attention to the mistakes that Playboy made, and take note that if it can happen in a multi million dollar company it can also happen to you. You might want to save any unopened Playboy mags that you have, as they might become collectors items in the future. 

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