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So you’re a new business owner, and you need to get a website but you don’t know where to start. With so many options it’s hard to know what’s the right choice. We have a few basic tips that can make this decision a lot less of a headache. We all know the hassle that it can be to design a website and if you’ve never designed a website it becomes even more scary. The good news is these days there are tons of resources out there that make designing a website a lot easier. After building tons of websites and using multiple platforms some stand out more than others.


When you think about versatility, simplicity and overall quality, Word press is one of the first platforms that come to mind. According to WpEngine WordPress currently accounts for about 23% of all of the websites online. One of the biggest features that WordPress offers is the huge selection of customizable plug-ins and Themes. This allows you to make your site a simple one-page blog site or a sophisticated multi page business site. Most of our sites are designed on Word Press – it gives us the versatility to bring the client’s vision to life. Another big plus about having a site designed with Word Press is that you have full ownership of your site once it’s completed. You’ll see why this is important later on.


Square Space

Square Space has gained some traction in the past couple of years and rightfully so. They are known for having very simple and minimalistic designs. One big difference between Square Space and WP (Word Press) is that Square Space is a Website builder; it offers drag and drop features that help you design your site quickly and effeciently. With Square space you pay a monthly or annual fee, and you get to keep your site running. The site targets artist, and small shops (1 or 2 products) but it may not be the best option when it comes to the more complicated designs. It also isn’t as versatile as WP, which limits how much you can actually customize.


These are two of the more popular website platforms. They’re on opposite sides of the spectrum yet still very similar. Word Press allows you to build more complex sites due to their wide array of plug-ins and themes. WordPress allows you to be a lot more hands when is comes to things like SEO. Square Space is more for the on the go user, with little to no time to sit and design a complicated site or deal with all the hassle of doing their own SEO. SquareSpace is Simplistic, and it gives you the ability to create the site yourself. While not as customizable as WP it is still a good option. With Square space You pay a monthly fee in order to keep your site up, this is not the case with WP. Once your site is designed with WP you’ll have full ownership of the site. Essentially SquareSpace functions more like a website leasing service.

Based on our experiences we always recommend our clients to use Word Press when getting a website, its slightly more complicated to design (But that’s why we’re here!) but it allows us to make the website better than what the client had ever envisioned.Working with WP gives you full control of all of the analytics and all of the SEO aspects of your website, which will come in handy when you try to get your site to rank on Google in the future. Once the site is complete it is 100% yours no leasing, or monthly payments.

We hope this helps you narrow down your choices. There are tons of other platforms out there and some may be better options for you, but these two are the ones we feel stand above the rest. Feel free to comment, or share any thoughts you may have.

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